Thursday, April 21

Learning By Doing out tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, a little rock that is my second book will be tossed into the water of our collective understanding. How big the ripples cast is hard to say.

And yet, I can't help but be excited. I am excited because I do think we are in an inflection point when it comes to education. Probably the most true statement from the book comes from its introduction:

"At least a handful of people reading this book will, through their work, define the future of learning, just as absolutely as Shakespeare defined drama, Eastman defined photography, the Beatles defined modern music, Ford defined automobiles, Hitchcock defined modern cinema, and Beethoven defined, well, Beethoven... Productivity and the corresponding standards of living can be raised to the next level. The work of a few people will echo through the ages, changing the very wealth of nations."

To any potential readers, don't worry. Only the introduction and the conclusion have this much hype.

Yet I believe every word.


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the book? It's not yet available at Amazon or B&N.

Clark Aldrich said...

It will appear on both sites within the next few days.