Wednesday, August 17

SimJournal: Stumbling upon a great score

Every once in a while, some one will do very well in Virtual Leader, but doesn't know why and can't repeat it.

The tools are there to analyze the play, but they quickly move on, assuming that they are just naturally good. Then they hit a wall, sometimes even replaying the same situation, get stuck, and then get very frusterated.

For some people, this strikes them as being unrealistic. But the more I think about it, the more I realize how very realistic it is. There are too many managers who got lucky a few times, and then are desperate not to understand their own success, but just assume they are naturally gifted and get promoted.

Simulations will continue to change our view of learning, and even our view of ourselves.


Anonymous said...

What is virtual leader and how would I try it? What does it simulate or teach? Corporate/management leadership seems to be significantly different than political leadership, though there are undoubtedly common elements.

Clark Aldrich said...

Take a look here: