Sunday, August 2

Feedback on the Big Question?

We are coming up on three years since the first Big Question - Should all Learning Professionals Blog? That's still a great topic and the content you can find there is pretty interesting. I still personally believe that blogging is a great self-directed learning tool. Ah, but I digress.

I normally don't do a Big Question in August. This year, I'm just going to do something a little bit different.

The goals of the Big Question are:
  • Get different perspectives on topics that are of interest to workplace learning professionals
  • Provide input to Learning Circuits, T&D and other parts of ASTD on topical issues
  • Provide a way for bloggers and others to find relevant blogs
  • Support the network of bloggers
I'd like to get feedback on the Big Question:
  • What works?
  • What do you think should change?
  • Are there other models that you've seen that might be interesting to consider?
  • What aspects of online community management might apply here
And here is a list of past topics that might be worth looking through for thoughts and ideas:
How to Respond:

Option 1 - Put your thoughts in a comment below. Likely there can be some pretty good thoughts left via a comment.

Option 2 -

Step 1 - Post in your blog (please link to this post).
Step 2 - Put a comment in this blog with an HTML ready link that I can simply copy and paste (an HTML anchor tag). I will only copy and past, thus, I would also recommend you include your NAME immediately before your link. So, it should look like:

Tony Karrer - e-Learning 2.0

or you could also include your blog name with something like:

Tony Karrer - e-Learning 2.0 : eLearningTechnology

Responses So Far:


Jeff said...

August Big Question - Feedback

Jesse Vanderwerf said...

I think that many should blog. The more that do the more thought we have around it. Right now we have an influx of bredth first approach to everything. The easiest 3 step way to success. Things are too watered down. If more people were posting and reading others' posts I think that we would see a natural trend driving towards more complexity, depth and learning.

I just started working for a new training company that has a simulated role play program and have also been hitting all the major blogs for more ideas about how training is taught, thought of and done in the ever changing market place. I just came across your post and thought that it would be nice to have more blogs dedicated to training.

I'd love some feedback. Please take a look at and let me know your thoughts on how we do things.


PS - we were at ASTD last year...did you see us?

0s0-Pa said...

I think that only the dedicated people who know about their topics should blog. Plus, less competition is always better for those of us who do blog :o
-Jack @ Electrical Circuit Test